Thursday, March 29, 2018

Getting Ready with Got2b

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Sponsored by Got2b

I don't know how many dry shampoo's I have tried out, but it's been a lot! There have been so many that don't help out my hair at all and leave it looking the same or even worse. I am happy to say that I am loving Got2b's new dry shampoo! All of the fragrance's smell so good too! 
Busy weeks can mean that it can be hard to find time to fix your hair. That's why dry shampoo has been a go to for me for years now! Sometimes, I even like to add a little bit in my hair after styling it to give it a little extra volume and hopefully prevent a bit of oiliness!

Got2b's new dry shampoo comes in three different scents: Clean, Tropical, and Floral! And it's conveniently available at Ulta! Another one of my go-to places!

Let me know what you guys think after trying it out!!



  1. This looks like a really good product! I'd love to try this myself. Anyway, your hair looks fabulous dear!

    Jessica |

  2. These photos are so sweet! :) I've tried so many dry shampoos but always revert back to Batiste. Adding this to my must-buy list!

    T x


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