Thursday, February 1, 2018

Statement Earrings and Plaid

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It finally happened, my ears healed up and I can switch out my earrings! 
So back in high school, I got gages and stretched out my ear lobes a little. My parents hated the gages and made me take them out. And my boyfriend at the time said he "didn't like earrings" so my piercings ended up closing up. Lame that I listened to him...I know. That's obviously why he is an ex boyfriend. ;)
I had been wanting to get them re-pierced and finally did! I have been drooling over so many great earrings for awhile now and I can finally switch them out and pair with my outfits! These statement earrings from The Frankie Shop caught my eye when I saw them. I really love the link shapes and the jewel colors. Perfect for winter and adding a bit of a feminine look to an oversized coat.

Have you guys checked out The Frankie Shop yet?! It's such a cool shop with great modern styles and a really good place to get some outfit inspiration too! I picked out this coat and started to realize that plaid coats have taken over my closet this season! I'm not mad about it one bit.

Some pieces to try from this look:
1. Statement Earrings
2. White Denim
3. Sneakers
4. Plaid Coats

What I'm Wearing: Coat: The Frankie Shop, Tee: Palace Portland, Jeans: Everlane, Earrings: The Frankie Shop, Shoes: Vans via Zappos, Bag: Amazon (similar here)




  1. That is so exciting that you get to start wearing earrings again! These are so cute, and so worth the wait. I've had my ears pierced since I was seven years old, but I rarely end up wearing them. I swear I'm allergic to every kind of metal!

    Great post, and I'm loving this look!


  2. Neat! Love this casual cool look and esp those Vans, love how they match your outfit! :)


  3. So on point <3

  4. Yay for being able to wear the earrings again! :) You are looking very vintage and cool in this outfit. :)

  5. girl so you didn't wear earrings cause your man at the time said not to lmfao that doesnt sound healthy.

  6. Such a gorgeous coat - a real timeless piece. I haven't heard of TFS but I'll check them out!

    T x

  7. LOVE this look! That coat and the earrings are perfection! I had a similar experience except for me one of my piercings had ripped badly because I was wearing hoops and accidentally got my hand caught in it but it finally healed and I can wear earrings again as well!

    xx Chelsea

  8. You really can't go wrong with plaid blazer, it's such a beautiful classic. Looks good with almost anything. Also, that's a cute and cool pair of statement earrings you got there dear.

    Jessica |

  9. These are simple and elegant earrings and buying Diamond Earrings Online is one of my favorite thing to do.


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