Monday, February 12, 2018

Ready For Spring

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We have been having the most beautiful weather here in Portland the past couple of days. Today was gorgeous and sunny and really felt like Spring was already here. It might be a little bit of wishful thinking on my part....I even ended up getting an iced latte! haha

Transitioning from Winter to Spring as well as Summer to Fall can be kind of tricky. It's difficult to decide what to wear and what's weather appropriate. After lots of outfits and trying to figure out the secret to how to dress this time of year...I have learned just to wing it. Wear what you want, when you want. Layer if it's cold! And that's just what I decided to do with this look! When I saw this top on Shopbop, I immediately fell in love with it. And despite the fact that it looked like a more Spring appropriate top, I got it anyway and made it work for this time of year. The cutout details and the vintage look, I think it's a top I will have in my closet for years to come. 
Zimmermann is quickly becoming one of my new favorite dream brands and I was so excited to finally have a piece of my own. 

Anyways, are you guys all looking forward to more sunshine filled days? Even though I loved binge watching shows, burning too many candles to count, and snuggling up with my pup in our apartment...I can't wait to get outside again and get inspired again. I'm so ready for Spring!

Here are some of my favorites from Shopbop to get you excited for your Spring Wardrobe!
3. Moon River (loving the simple ruffles!)

What I'm Wearing: Top: Zimmermann via Shopbop (similar options here and here), Jeans: Vintage 501 Levi's, Boots: Free People, Bag: Vintage (Other great options: here and here)

Photos by Dawn Photo



  1. Oh yes, I'm totally looking forward to more sunnier and warmer days. I also can't wait to ditch my Winter coat and boots. :D
    You are looking beautiful in this outfit, very Isabel Marant like. :)

  2. Super cute, love your look!


  3. I love these photos! And your outfit! I also can't wait for spring days.

    xx Chelsea

  4. I'll definitely miss faux fur coats and edgy winter jackets, but at the same time, I'm sooo excited for fall. I absolutely need a little more sun and wear cute dress from time to time! ha!

    Jessica |

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