Saturday, January 20, 2018

How to Dress Up a Graphic Tee

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I recently had a random girl, who doesn't follow me on instagram, comment on a bunch of my photos. Her comments had a rude tone behind them, asking me what was wrong with my eyes and why do I look down in all of my images. I'm pretty sensitive, so maybe she wasn't saying it in a rude way...but I definitely took it as so. Who the hell goes out of their way to comment negative things on a strangers' photo? Something about the little situation put some fire under my ass and decided to look at the camera more than usual during this set.
Yes, I have insecurities. One of my eyes is slightly higher than the other and I hate how it looks in photos. I have light acne and scarring on my face. So looking down is a comfort thing for me and something that I tend to do. I AM NOT F*CKING PERFECT AND I DON'T PRETEND TO BE. But I try my best to be a nice, understanding, and accepting person. This is something that I wish others would strive to be as well. You never know what insecurities or issues other's are dealing with or going through. Why not be supportive and leave negative comments to your damn self.

Anyways, this is an outfit that I have worn so many different versions of. Blazers and plaid are so big this season and I have been all about them (Shop Blazers!). They pair so well with graphic tees and are such a cool way to dress them up while still looking more effortless. 
In case you're looking for a way to dress up all of those graphic tees you have sitting in your closet, pair them with a cool vintage blazer and some boots. Or with a leather jacket and a neck scarf. Graphic tees are my favorite staple since they can be worn endless ways!

What I'm Wearing: Coat: Forever 21, Shirt: Madewell (Shop more graphic tees here), Jeans: Vintage Levis (Shop Levi's Here), Boots: Free People, Bag: Simon Miller via Opening Cermony




  1. They say that usually hurt people - hurt people... Same people who are hurting you and pointing out your insecurities are very insecure themselves and are actually pointing out something what they don't like about themselves either. I don't understand and am very much against any kind of bullying but it seems like cyber bullying has never been easier and "slides through" much more which is really sad.
    No matter which age or gender you are, of course that you would be hurt by people leaving mean or rude comments but before any of us react back by attacking, it's good to remember that : 1.) you can never win a battle with mean people, 2.) they're hurting too.

  2. Such a great moody place <3

  3. Your style is so unique, I loved it! And don't pay attention to those mean comments on instagram, there'll always be people who are just so bored with their existence that they feel the need to bully other people who are as great as you!

  4. Such a chic cozy look, love your bag and boots!


  5. Love the location of these pictures, you look stunning!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  6. Now that's a cozy and chic outfit. Loving the oversized coat and the matching booties and bag. Such a unique look.

    Jessica |

  7. I've come across your photos on Pinterest many times and I have always thought what a natural beauty you are! Being in front of the camera isn't easy. I am a fashion blog photographer in Southern California and have tried being on the other end and I was so uncomfortable. You are amazing! I am a sensitive person as well so I completely understand. Keep doing what you are doing, you are beautiful!

  8. I simply don't get why people get out of their way to voice their opinion as if someone had actually asked for it, particularly when they don't have anything nice to say. It's totally normal to do what we feel most confident doing, maximising our best angles and not necessarily showing all our flaws even if some people think they are only in our head. I say if you do decide to look more at the camera, do it because you want to overcome those insecurities yourself, but not because of some random person's comment. I think you are so naturally beautiful Tonya, you have a great fashion sense and you inspire a lot of people daily, so keep doing you girl!! Much love from England,

    Saida | She talks Glam

  9. The clarity in your post is simply excellent.


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