Monday, January 15, 2018

The Sweater Dress: My New Winter Obsession

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I never realized how amazing sweater dresses really are until I recently got this one from Madewell! It's the perfect cozy piece to have during the winter! They're great for rolling out of bed, slipping on, and making a cup of coffee in. Or if you have a brunch date with friends, a sweater dress is the perfect piece! The button details on this one really made me fall in love with it. It's such a simple detail that makes it unique and interesting.
Plus, I feel like it's kind of difficult to dress this time of year. At least for me, I am already bored of Winter and ready for Spring! A sweater dress is that perfect happy-medium transition piece that works great for both seasons!

Also, I have been working with Shopbop lately and I can't get enough of their site! They have so many brands that I love and that I can shop all in one place. So here are a couple of items I am currently drooling over right now:

What I'm Wearing: Sweater Dress: Madewell (shop more sweater dresses here!) Coffee Mug: ML Pottery

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

How to Wear a Skirt during Winter

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Let me start off by first saying, for the current weather we have been having in Portland (rainy, windy, dark, cold and sad lol) this outfit probably isn't the most appropriate. But I realize that I have readers located around the world and not just Portland. Since this outfit has been stuck in my head for awhile, I decided to photograph it during a short little time it wasn't raining! This outfit, like many others I have been into lately, is of course inspired by Europe and the Parisian style. Timeless pieces are slowly taking over my closet that are super easy to mix and match. 

This skirt was one of my favorites over the summer and I wasn't quite ready to put it away for the season. The tartan print makes it perfect for this time of year and paired with a sweater and tights, it definitely fit right into a (warmer) winter wardrobe. So if you're in Los Angeles reading this, this one's for you...please wear something like this for me! And for those of you who have lots of favorite skirts you wore over the summer or keep eyeing some mini skirts online, don't be afraid to buy them just because it's winter! They can easily be layered with coats and boots, plus most of us stay nice and warm inside, right?


What I'm Wearing: Sweater: Bella Frued via Shopbop, Necklace: Amazon (Similar here and here), Skirt: Isabel Marant, Tights: Wolford, Boots: & Other Stories, Bag: Vintage, Sunglasses: Zac Posen via Kenmark Eyewear



Friday, January 5, 2018

Essentials for a Perfect Bath at Home

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If you guys follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you know of my slight obsession with a good bubble bath. These days, I honestly take more baths than showers (one of the perks of working from home!). I get so many questions from you all about where I get my bath tub accessories and what some of my favorite products are for a good bubble bath. So I'm finally going to share some of my essentials for a perfect bath at home! 

First off, a bath without bubbles isn't really a bath at all! Unless of course you have bath bomb or soaks instead. But I love having lots of bubbles to really feel relaxed. When it comes to bubbles, I love the ones that have epsom salt to relieve any sore muscles from sleeping wrong or from a workout. Dr. Teal's is my go to for this! They all smell so good and make lots of bubbles!

Lighting a candle is a another great way to really relax and set the mood you want for your bath. P.F. Candle Co. is always my favorite (use my discount code MOPTOP15 when you shop on their site to get 15% off your purchase!). They have so many great earthy and woodsy scents that are great for this time of year. And I notice I take more baths when it's cold just to warm up again!

A cup of coffee or glass of wine is always great for a bath! Whatever you're into. That's what I love about taking baths, they're so customizable! Do what you want! A bath caddy is one of the best parts of a bath too, that way you can set everything on there. This wooden one has been the best! This one is actually a customizable one from Etsy (HERE) but you can find them at so many other places too. I also use it as a little desk when I want to work from the couch or my bed!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and make sure to check out the pieces below to create the perfect bath at home for yourself!

Shop my Essentials for a Perfect Bath at Home:

Monday, January 1, 2018

Teddy Bear Coat

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Happy New Years and hello 2018! I hope you all had a great time celebrating and are excited about the upcoming new year and fresh start. I'm really looking forward to what 2018 will bring! There are already a few local trips I have planned but I hope to also travel to some farther locations too. 

One thing I want to focus more on this year is my blog. Of course it has been a priority of mine for the last few years but I really want to focus more on posts that I really love and take more time and thought, in order to bring you guys more valuable information and inspiring posts! There are a couple that I have in mind already so I am excited to see what you guys think of them. 

So let's start the new year off with an outfit that has been on repeat for me lately. Portland is such a casual, laid back city that it definitely has had influence on my style. Not many people wander the streets in heels so for me, this outfit is a mix of casual but a little dressed up. Many Parisian influencers have been inspiring me lately, and this outfit reflects that. I love feeling effortless but still put together. And dressing up denim has always been a favorite thing of mine that I will continue into 2018 as well.

This is my second teddy bear coat I have gotten this winter, so I thought I would share a few with you guys in case you have been wanting one too! They're so warm and still stylish!

Shop Teddy Bear Coats:

What I'm Wearing: Coat: Urban Outfitters, Tee: Reformation, Necklace: Lucy Williams X Missoma, Jeans: Vintage Levi's (Similar here), Sunglasses: Gucci, Boots: Free People

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