Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Recap!

In Joshua Tree for the first time and stayed in the dreamiest airstream!

Stayed in my dream hotel in Los Angeles. I stayed a night by myself and really loved being by myself in a city I wasn't familiar with. It was very freeing..

I drank SO much coffee this year. lol It's what keeps me going! Also spent most of the year in this studio, it kept me inspired throughout the year.

From my collaboration with Who What Wear, showing them some of my favorite spots around Portland. (Prince Coffee)

2017 has been an overall pretty great year for me. Despite a few hard times, like most years, it's been a big year for me when it comes to personal growth and just growing up. I got to travel to some really great places that I had never been including Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and Reno. My fear of flying held me back a bit but that's something I really want to work on going forward.

I graduated from college this year! After what seemed like forever, I finally got my Bachelors Degree in Fashion Marketing at the Art Institute in Portland. This was such an amazing feeling and accomplishment. I wanted to give up so many times. I honestly hated going, hated presentations, hated being so out of my comfort zone. But I stuck with it and made some great friends
along the way.

I moved into my first ever one bedroom apartment with someone I love who supports and loves me unconditionally. We love the new place and really feel like we can take the next steps in our life together since having a place like this, we really feel like adults! haha
Living in a studio after awhile just doesn't cut it. As much as I loved that studio, I was ready to move on to a different space.

I feel so lucky to have found someone who I can be myself around, I can trust and always rely on. He's the best. Thank you Leo, I doubt you will read this though! haha

We got to see Travis Scott in concert (with a surprise appearance from Drake!), as well as The Weeknd, Tyler the Creator, Chance the Rapper, Allah Las, and a couple more I'm sure I forgot...but those were pretty great. I love that we both share an appreciation for music and get to experience those together.

This year, I also got to work with some really amazing brands and companies! This was definitely a year for growth for my blog. Working with Who What Wear was one of the most exciting for me. They are a company I have looked up to for so long, so to be recognized by them was a complete dream come true.

Even though this year had so many amazing moments and unforgettable memories, there were still hardships included.
My grandpa passed away from cancer in October. I was lucky enough to spend some of his last moments with him but it was really tough seeing someone you love go through so much pain. It brought my family closer together though, and really made me realize that family means so much. No matter what happens or where life takes us, family will always be there and have your back.

2017. Another year, another 365 days filled with so many great times that I probably will end up forgetting while other moments will stay with me forever.
But I am so blessed in the end. Thank you guys so much for another great year and for your endless support, for following along on this crazy adventure of mine called life.

Alright, 2018, I am ready for you! Let's do this.


  1. What an amazing year! That LA hotel room looks insane! I love staying in hotels alone – something about it is so freeing.

    Happy new year!


  2. Fun recap! I discovered your blog and Instagram sometime this fall, and have really enjoyed following along. Your style and photos are so great! Keep up the good work!

    Happy New Year!
    Hannah B.

  3. Obsessed with your style! x

  4. Your photos are so dreamy! It looks like it's taken off a magazine. Look forward to what's in store for your blog in 2018!

    Jessica |


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