Monday, September 11, 2017

Our Second Nature Jumpsuit and Maru Coffee

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Can I just be transported back to LA real quick? I instantly fell in love with Maru Coffee. I had been stalking this place on instagram for so long, planning a visit when I made it back to LA. The place was just as I had imagined. I loved the gorgeous ceramic cups the lattes came it, the subtle dried flowers and the beautiful light that shined through out the shop. There's just something special about having a cup of coffee in a place that sets the mood.

Ok, I have a brand you guys NEED to check out. Our Second Nature is a hidden gem that I happened to stumble across over the summer and they're a new favorite of mine. They make the perfect minimal, unique pieces that I am sure you guys will love as well. When I wear this jumpsuit, I feel like I am wearing a piece of art. It's comfortable too and the belt gives it the perfect feminine touch. But honestly, I would probably rock it with out a belt too. Anyways, go check out Our Second Nature!! You won't be disappointed.

Photos by Dawn Photo


What I'm Wearing: Jumpsuit: Our Second Nature (Shopbop also has a lot of great printed jumpsuits, shop here!), Shoes: Charlotte Stone, Bag: Doen (Shop basket bags here)




  1. Oh my goodness that jumpsuit is amazing! Will definitely check them out!

  2. This outfit is something different than your usual type of clothing and this jumpsuit looks fabulous on you!


  3. Such a cool jumpsuit, looks so fresh and breezy.

  4. This jumpsuit is giving me life! I am so in love with your style, your aesthetic, adn this coffee shop. Thank you for putting me on to this brand <3

  5. Ahh completely obsessed with the jumpsuit! Also the editing / style of your photos are so pretty. So glad i stumbled upon your blog x

  6. In love with that jumpsuit gal. <3

  7. so so cool, love the jumpsuit!

    Tasha x

  8. So cute!!!! And that bag, a plus!

  9. It’s nice collection! My friends’ jumpsuit are from the clothing shop online


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