Wednesday, September 20, 2017

#ModernTrail with Timberland

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This week already is starting to feel like fall! The rainy clouds are starting to drift in as well as the colored leaves which means it's time to switch over to some of my fall favorites. Floral dresses are a favorite of mine for summer and I love transitioning them into fall as well. These Timberland lace up boots are absolutely perfect for helping me get into the fall season. They remind me of something I loved when I first started my blog years ago. Something about them drew me to them and they're going to fit perfectly into my fall wardrobe. I was also surprised by all of the different styles of boots Timberland has for fall! I love their classic 6" boot but they also have some other great lace up boots like these as well as Chelsea boots....and bags too! This bag is going to be great for lugging my laptop, planner and other work things around.

Something I really love about boots like these is that the more you wear them, the more character they get. They start to get beautiful creases and nicks that really make them your own. Plus they're going to be perfect for the rainy fall weather. I might be using them to jump in a puddle or two!

This post was in collaboration with Timberland.

What I'm Wearing: Boots: Timberland, Bag: Timberland



  1. Oh my gosh I love this outfit! It's so cute and looks perfect for fall!

  2. You're looking so sweet and romantic here, this is such a great dress!

  3. I adore your dress, I'm such a sucker for small floral patterns. I had no idea that Timberland made boots in this type of style. These are a beautiful color and look so well made.

  4. Love this look and the vintage vibe of these photos!

    London Fashion Week Street Style:

  5. Loving the vintage look of your photos dear. Those boots looked amazing with your dress.

    Jessica |

  6. OMG Im speechless. I cannot say anything more than Im in love with your style, and this outfit proves it!

  7. I wanna ur boots ����ıt's so cool


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