Friday, August 11, 2017

Staud Two Piece on Venice Beach

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Can I just be transported to Venice Beach please? It was so beautiful, warm, and the sun had the prettiest glow. Everything about it was magical! 

My friend/photographer Dawn and I made our way down the the lifeguards lookouts and I had been wanting to take photos at them. I didn't know if it was allowed or not because of all of the cones surrounding them. So I cautiously walked up to it and saw a couple of big, buff, tan lifeguards inside. I'm actually pretty shy at times so seeing them made me nervous! haha not to mention they were cute! But they saw us and told us that we could take photos on there. I was still too nervous to go up there! I didn't want to talk to the buff lifeguards and be so touristy taking photos! hahah So then Dawn told me she would buy me a margarita if I did, so she ended up convincing me haha.
I slowly walked up the ramp and the cutest one came out and started to pose with me and handed me his rescue can insisting that I pose with it too. He kept trying to give me ideas on poses and photos but I'm not trying to be mean...they were all terrible! haha
It doesn't seem to crazy but I was SO embarrassed and couldn't stop laughing about the whole situation. I guess you had to be there but every time I see these photos, it takes me back to that! hahah See below for more! haha
dawnphotography-231 dawnphotography-230
Me, hiding behind my hair because I was blushing so hard hahahah

Alsoooo, have you guys heard of the label Staud before? I have been stalking them on instagram and drooling over their collections for quite awhile now. So of course I was super excited when I saw that they did a collaboration with Urban Outfitters. The pieces are to die for! I knew I had to get something! I ended up going with this set and it was the perfect summer piece especially for hanging around Venice beach.

Photos by Dawn Photo


What I'm Wearing: Staud x Urban Outfitters set, Bag: Doen, Sandals: Urban Outfitters



  1. Such a dreamy, beautiful light on these photos! Love your hair too...

  2. love this!! such a gorgeous piece x

    Tasha x

  3. This pictures are so lovely! golden hour was just perfect there haha, and you look beautiful :)

  4. This outfit is so cute! I love these photos!

  5. haha! That makes me laugh that he was trying to pose you. I applaud you for your courage because I'd be too shy to do it! lol

    Natalie | Natalie's Alchemy

  6. Amazing photos as always. And love this two pieces set xx

    Blog - Coco made me do this


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