Saturday, May 13, 2017

Have Fun in This!

dawnphotography-73 dawnphotography-87 dawnphotography-41 dawnphotography-51 dawnphotography-69 dawnphotography-47 dawnphotography-42 dawnphotography-67 dawnphotography-37 dawnphotography-31 sent me a couple of tees from their new collection and they're an instant favorite of mine! Their new collection is all about just having fun and feeling good in what you wear. Their pieces are sooo comfy and soft and I think they actually brought out my goofy side a bit! The miss matching sleeves are so unique and the perfect little personality addition to this tee. Also I think it would make for a killer 4th of July tee! I might have to wear it that day as well haha

I've been slowing things down recently with the blog and posting only because school is taking over a lot of my time. I have only a little over a month until I am officially a college grad and it's been super busy!! I have some exciting plans after I graduate and I will be really putting all my time in the stay tuned!

Photos by Dawn Photo


What I'm wearing: Tee: c/o, Jeans: Levi's via Reformation (Similar here and here), Shoes: Converse 


  1. I love this t-shirt, so fun!! :)

  2. I love these photos they definitely caught my eye because i just adore how natural and candid you look! Very cute, plus i do love a good soft tee ;)

  3. Definitely in love with the 70's vibe on your pictures!


  4. always love your pictures tone <3

    Mrs. Aa

  5. Its always very fun to read your posts.

    CupShe Coupons

  6. these photos look gorgeous!!
    Love, TL

  7. I love this tee, you have a great style - I love your retro vibe.

  8. you are looking so glamorous in this dressing style, I love to wear these combination, it is really suit on everyone which is rough and tough. You can also buy so many collection of Funny T Shirts at best price.

  9. What size did you get in this shirt? So cute!


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