Thursday, April 6, 2017

Everywear with Marks & Spencer

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Having pieces that can easily transition from season to season, or for your busy schedule is essential. That's why I am super excited to team up with Marks & Spencer and share pieces from their new Everywear campaign that has so many great pieces that are exactly this. They can be worn so many different ways and fit a variety of styles and lifestyles. Rather than just going straight to fast fashion or pieces that won't last through the season, Marks & Spencer has created some pieces that are better quality and style so that they can be worn every where! Not only did they keep quality in mind, they still kept the pieces very stylish and classic...which is so important to me!
These mules are one of the examples from the Everywear campaign. I'm still in love with mules because they can be dressed up or down so easily. (I even got them in pink too!) Even though mules are very trendy right now, I think they're a look that will stay in style for a long time.

Some other pieces in the campaign include a trench, comfortable denim (like seen on me here!), button ups and mules. These are all perfect for any style and individual! I think they did such a great job in picking just the right pieces for every day wear and ones that go with everyone's wardrobe too. 
Make sure and check out more from Marks & Spencer's Everywear Campaign here! Let me know what you guys think and what pieces from the campaign you are liking the best!

This post was in collaboration with Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links but all opinions and ideas are my own!

What I'm Wearing: Shirt: Marks & Spencer, Jeans: Marks & Spencer, Backpack: Armadio, Shoes: Marks & Spencer, Necklace: Lumo



  1. Love your hairdo beauty! Great casual combo!

  2. I love how simple and wearable your outfit is.

  3. Looks very cute.


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