Friday, March 17, 2017

Morning Routine

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When you work from home, it's so important to create an environment that is inspiring and comfortable. I have filled my little place with lots of plants and different little things that really make it feel like home. This makes me not want to leave! And during these rainy months, that's essential.

Make sure and check out more details of my morning routine over on the Free People blog, here!

Photos by Dawn Photo


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  1. You are so cute!! Love the photo of you with your pup :)

    Enclothed Cognition

  2. Please assure me that you actually jump on the bed every morning! :) I used to do it on Sundays when I was a little girl.
    Could you please come over and decorate my room just as yours is? I think it's stunning, and I would totally adore to have your interior design skills. The atmosphere seems so relaxing, the colors flow so well. Amazing!

    Agnese's Coiffeuse

  3. You have a great room! And makes me want to decorate my room so bad with plenty of plant <333

  4. HELP! Hi Tonya, the Capitol HELP LP is much different to the UK HELP LP. Nice too see you have the same Beatles LP's in your collection as I. Greetings, Thorsten


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