Saturday, March 11, 2017

Go-To Classics

6L0A4123 6L0A4178 6L0A4154 6L0A4180 6L0A4145 6L0A4119 We had such a beautiful, sunlit day yesterday in Portland! But now we're back to our regular scheduled programming....aka the rain. I've been really having to adjust again to cooler temperatures and outfits that are still stylish and keep me warm. Having a couple of great coats that you can rotate and style different ways are what really keep me going during these cold months! Peacoats are great staple pieces to have. They can be worn with light denim, dark denim, dresses, skirts, and layered to keep you warm. I love the sailor inspired look they give to an outfit. 
On another note, I live for basket bags these days. I think I have 3 now that I wear with basically everything.

Quick post because I gotta get back to my homework!!


What I'm Wearing: Coat: Frame, Jeans: Levi's via Free People, Boots: LOQ, Purse: Doen, Sunglasses: Gucci

Shop Peacoats here!



  1. I love your bag, it complements your outfit really well. x

    / ORR - Life & Style Journal

  2. Gorgeous! So chic. And that bag is adorable ahhh

  3. This look is so your sunglasses!

  4. so cute!! ;-)))


    i invite to me too

  5. I love the coat!


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