Friday, March 17, 2017


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Ok, so I have to tell you 3 things:
1. I'm pretty sure I wore this outfit at least 4 times last week.
2. These earrings are clip ons because I'm being a baby about getting my ears re-pierced
3. I told my mom the 80s were back and she laughed.

Want to try out the 80s trend for yourself? Here's a super simple way to do it. Buy some funky, big earrings! Definitely inspired by the 80s these days and trying to subtly infuse it into my style.
What do you guys think??


What I'm Wearing: Earrings: Vintage Christian Dior via Etsy (Similar here and here), T-Shirt: Supreme, Jeans: Levi's, Boots: Loq (Similar here)



  1. Super cute, rock n roll outfit!

  2. love ittt. the boots are amazing

    dalal //

  3. Yas the 80s! I want to get some more more funky big earrings...they're my favourite statement jewelry.

  4. Uh I love your outfit so much! You totally made it! Like a girl who came from 80's !

  5. The 1980's look fairly innocent. Like the style.

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