Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Whimsy + Row Beauty!

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Even though I consider myself a fashion blogger, I have a soft spot for trying out new beauty products (especially bath products!). I was lucky enough to try some products from Harlow carried at Whimsy + Row. The Rustic Bath Soak was probably my favorite mostly because there are dried flowers in it so it looks like you're taking a bath in a bunch of wild flowers (you can see in the last photo)! It just adds that extra element of relaxation to a bath.
I also reallyyy love the Eye Repair Serum. It's a great little something to add to my makeup routine in the morning and just wake up my eyes. It's a nice and refreshing feeling!
Make sure and check these products out at Whimsy + Row! The packaging is adorable and the product is even better! Let me know what you guys think!!



  1. That serum is amazing and I'm loving your flowers in the tub! Such a pretty shot.


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