Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Best Place in Portland for Lash Extensions

FullSizeRender Ok, so I know I've said before that I'm a tomboy at heart...but I still love being pampered. I think it's important to spend time on yourself and do what makes you feel beautiful. I had been thinking about getting lash extensions for awhile now but didn't know where to start or really anything about it. Then I was approached by Lash & Beauty Lab here in Portland about lash extensions and of course I said yes! The atmosphere and decor of Lash & Beauty Lab was soo cute! I'm in love with plants and it was lined with cactus, hanging plants, and monstera...I felt right at home. When it was time to get my lashes done, Cheri, the owner, asked what I was looking for when it comes to lashes. Since I am pretty minimal, I wanted them to look very natural and nothing too dramatic. And they are just that! I feel so much more confident even when I'm not wearing makeup. The best thing too, I can just run out the door and run my errands without really having to worry about putting one makeup since the lashes add a perfect little feminine touch. I think I'm going to be hooked after this!

Here is my before and after!

With all of that being said, I am SO happy with my experience at Lash & Beauty Lab in Portland! I know I may be bias since this is my only experience with lash extensions but I definitely think they have to be the best in Portland! Their reviews are outstanding and I can see why! Make sure and head over there and told them I sent you!!

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  1. Wow, not only do your lashes look amazing but it is such a cute little place ! They did such a good job decorating <3 Love ! I have been wanting to get lash extentions for a while now, they are just so pretty !


  2. Wow, the before & after is incredible! I'd love to get lash extensions mostly just because then I can get away with doing my makeup...ever. Haha! Thanks for sharing your experience, Tonya! You're lashes are looking gorgeous! :)

  3. This place looks amazing and your lashes are stunning! I love visiting Portland so I will definitely check this spot out next time I am there!

    Bella x

  4. nice look..

    Mrs. Aa

  5. looks great!! i love lash extensions, they just give you the look!

    xx Nicole -

  6. OMG they do such an amazing job! Your eyelashes look amazing xx, Erin -

  7. This is so cute! I like these green things and the whole look. It looks like you used technique while doing it.


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