Monday, February 20, 2017

How to Look Stylish in the Rain

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It is a constant struggle living in Portland and trying to look cute while still being weather appropriate. While wearing all white in a down pour might not be the best idea (this day it wasn't raining tooo bad), I think having a good stylish raincoat is the perfect accessory for any rainy day. 
I was recently introduced to Stutterheim rain jackets and I am SO glad to finally have discovered them. Their jackets, not only, are so effortlessly cool, you can wear them even when it isn't raining. They also, seriously do their job of keeping you dry so well. I have another color for when I just want to wear more neutrals but I thought having a pink one would be fun too!


Make sure and check out their coats here: 



  1. Those are super cute raincoats and you've nailed both outfits!

  2. Ahh, you make rain coats look so cool! Obsessed with the first outfit here x

  3. Are those the Marais USA sandals??

  4. OMG, both jackets look pretty cool!

  5. I live not too far away in Seattle so I can definitely relate with the rain! These raincoats are so cute and I especially love the pink one with white underneath :)

    ♡ Jaime

  6. Love love love the raincoats! The pink one would definitely be my pick. That picture of you in it with your red sunnies is just too much ♥

    Saida | She talks Glam

  7. I'm loving this rain coat on you! Will need it for my next trip to Portland! xo

  8. Wow! I love that pink one over there and I must say, you looked great wearing the whole ensemble. Much as I love the rain, it can be a party pooper when you'r out camping or going for a long walk with your friends. I love the outdoors so I make sure that nothing comes in the way of spending time with nature. That's why I always wear or carry a rain jacket with me that must be lightweight, yet will be able to protect me from the elements. I love color so that's one of the reasons why my ideal jacket must combine function and form. Here's one site that provides great reviews for outdoor enthusiasts looking for some rain gear:

  9. "Two of us wearing raincoats, standing solo, in the sun..." Hey Tonya, please wear real rubber latex raincoat with your nice Converse Chucks. Best wishes from Germany.

  10. he pink one would definitely be my pick. That picture of you in it with your red sunnies is just too much, Samish leather


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