Thursday, January 12, 2017

Gold Hoops

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When I was in high school, I dated a guy who I thought I was madly in love with. I'm pretty sure we all think this with our first love. But looking back now, I realize it wasn't the picture perfect "love" I thought it was. Of course we had some really good times together and at the time, he was my best friend. But for some reason, after all of these years, I still remember him telling me he didn't like earrings on me.  So, young me, in love with this boy and wanting nothing but him to think the world of me, I let my ears close up because he didn't like them. Now looking back at that, I can't believe how ridiculous I was to do something because of what a guy said or liked or didn't like about me. To this day, I continue to second guess and always ask for other's opinions and approvals. But why? 
I know this is kind of a lot for just a simple blog post about earrings but for some reason, every time I put these earrings on I feel reassurance in myself and as though I'm pushing away those doubts. 
I'm working on being a stronger version of myself and it's all starts with baby steps, even if it's just a simple pair of gold hoops. And I think they look damn good on me!


Also these are clip on earrings because I'm too big of a baby to get them pierced again! lol

What I'm Wearing: Top: Topshop, Earrings: Vintage from Etsy, Chokers: Forever 21



  1. Beautiful photos! You're a natural stunner!

  2. Beautiful! x

  3. This is great! I dated a guy like that in hs too. You look gorgeous! :)

  4. I love wearing gold hoops! That pair is beautiful! And I love the little lesson linked with the earrings. :)

  5. Gorgeousss!!! Love the photography and your aesthetic, gold hoops are just such a classic!

    xx, Amy

  6. Isn't it funny the things we will do for other people when we were younger & not as wise? I think about things like that now & can't believe why I would care about someone else's opinion more than my own. I remember this one boy in particular. He would always make me feel bad about liking certain movies, books, etc to the point that I wouldn't ever really tell him what I enjoyed, I just let him pick. Thinking about that now, I think, WOW, how did I stand to be around that guy for so long!!? I would never treat someone like that. I would never make someone feel less than for enjoying a certain movie. But after him, I met my husband who is so unbelievably supportive & who really taught me what it means to have someone love you.

  7. Gold looks great on you!! I'm a sucker for silver jewelry


  8. fine pics ;-))


    invite to me too

  9. The perfect gold hoops xx, Erin -

  10. You look so beautiful! I love those simple gold hoops!

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