Monday, August 8, 2016

Portland Travel Guide (Instagram Worthy!)

This post is LONG overdo! I get so many emails and comments asking where to visit in Portland as well as questions of where I like to go...especially to get some inspiration (and take a good Instagram!) So here it is, my guide to Portland, OR!

First things first, shopping. Portland is filled with so many cute, curated shops! It's great just to pop in and do some good ole window shopping. Some of my favorites streets to spend the day walking around are Mississippi, Divison, Belmont, and NW 23rd.

IMG_6381 Menagerie (2880 SE Division St.)
This shop is SO cute mostly because it's located inside of an airstream! What could be more Portland than that?! The shop owner is so sweet too....wait until you see the inside, it's just as cute!

Pistils Nursery (3811 N. Mississippi Ave.)
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already heard of Pistils Nursery! It's my absolute favorite plant place in Portland (say that five times fast!). They recently just added a beautiful solarium to their shop and it's bursting with plants!

West End Select Shop (927 SW Oak St.)
The best place to get your hands on some AMAZING indie designer clothing....and some vintage Levi's!! This place is the perfect place to get some good inspiration and drool over the clothes ANS the interior!

Solabee Flowers & Botanicals (801 N. Killingsworth St.)
Plant heaven #2! The photos almost do it justice.

Orn Hansen (2627 SE Clinton St.)
The ideal Portland store. Filled with both vintage and new garments as well as housewares. They sell women's and men's for all you ladies out there, this is a boyfriend friendly shop!!

Cheese & Crack (22 SE 28th Ave.)
This place is so yummy and a fun experience! I love trying all of the different combinations of ingredients! Also, once your done with the main course, make sure to get the vanilla cone with dusted espresso on top. It's a dream.

Porque No? (4635 SE Hawthorne Blvd.)
This is my number one. Whenever I have family or friends in town, I always take them to Porque no. There's just something so great about the environment and the food! Trust me when I say it's worth the wait...and they make a mean margarita!

Pips Original Donuts (4759 NE Fremont St.)
Hands down the best donuts in Portland. The thought of them right now is making me drool. They also make their own homemade chai and there's so many flavors! DELICIOUS!

Tea Bar (4330 SE Divison St.) 
Beautiful space and delicious drinks! I recommend the vanilla rose!

Good Coffee (1150 SE 12th Ave)
Where yummy coffee and plants combine. I absolutely love the atmosphere of this place. And the coffee really is good.

Ace Hotel / Stumptown (1022 SW Stark St.)
The classic hotel and tourist destination, it's worth the hype. Beautiful interior and the perfect place to sip on a cup of Stumptown coffee and people watch. Make sure to take a photo in the photo booth before you leave!

Honorable mentions:
-Coava: THE BEST COFEE IN PORTLAND (in my opinion)
-Courier Coffee: Their cookies are amazing as well.

21 +
-White Owl Social Club
-Angel Face

There it is! My Portland travel guide! I hope you guys like it and I hope it helps on any upcoming trips you might have to this great city! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments and let me know what you thought! There is still so much I haven't seen in Portland so I would love to know your favorites as well. Follow me on Instagram for more Portland style and spots!! 
Happy explorations!


  1. It looks amazing! Great tips x

  2. Omg so many beautiful places you discovered. Portland is definitely one of the places I want to go to!

    Enclothed Cognition

  3. Oh, you're making me miss Portland so much!! Hope you're doing well! :)

  4. OMG everything here is so cute! Need to go back to Portland and explore! xx, Erin -

  5. Wow... Portland looks like paradise!

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  15. What could be more Portland than that?! The shop owner is so sweet too....wait until you see the inside, it's just as cute!

  16. Portland is filled with so many cute, curated shops! It's great just to pop in and do some good ole window lifestyle

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