Sunday, September 16, 2018

Vintage Flower Cardigan

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I've always loved thrifting ever since I was a Junior in high school. I still remember going to value village for the first time on a day where they had 50% off everything and I can home with so many unique pieces. This was a time for me to really explore my personal style and make it my own and it also started my love for finding vintage pieces.
Antique shops weren't really a place I thought about to buy clothes until recently when I went to a couple of antique shops here in Portland in search of furniture. I ended up finding a beautiful antique, french nightgown (I plan to wear as a dress), a small rug that is going to look great in my new office (and it was only $25!), and I also found this vintage cardigan. I instantly fell in love with it the second I saw it. It reminded me of Alexa Chung and Jeanne Damas, both are my style icons, and I knew I would want to pair it with denim. So I would recommend checking out your local antique never know what you might find!

It's been a little too warm to wear lately this lately, but I wanted to at least photograph it and share with you all! I think I am getting a little ahead of myself when it comes to fall outfits and sweaters already. lol Fall will be here before we know it though! Also, I can't get enough of wearing cardigans, buttoned up as sweaters lately. So cute!


What I'm Wearing: Vintage Cardigan, Jeans: Vintage Levi's,  Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Mari Giudicelli




Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Mellow Yellow

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This post is long overdue and I have been dying to share all of these images! I think from the entire desert trip this summer, these might be my favorite from the set. There's just something I really love about them. The beautiful furniture that I would love to have in my own place and paired with some of my favorite outfit pieces...I just love these images!
What colors have you been seeing yourself wear more lately? I've noticed myself being drawn to yellow a lot this year, especially this summer but I think it's a color I would like to even try this fall. It just brightens my mood and I think it pairs well with the neutrals I usually tend to go for.

Also, a brand you gotta check out...Side Party. I am always loving their minimal, vintage inspired pieces. Always so unique and I just love how well the pieces pair with denim or like here, a good wide leg pant.

Anyways, I've got a busy couple of weeks ahead! We're moving into a new apartment next weekend and I can't wait! I know it seems like we just moved but our reasoning for moving into this one is because it's bigger! Our current apartment is pretty small and the new one, I will finally be able to have a little office! I can't wait. Stay posted with updates on my Instagram!

What I'm Wearing: Tops: Side Party, Pants: The Frankie Shop
Photographed inside Venice Airbnb



Monday, September 10, 2018

Classic Fall Look with MiaDonna

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I am really excited to finally share this post with you all! It's always exciting to find local brands in Portland that I love and can share with you and it's even better when they are eco friendly! MiaDonna is most known for their incredible engagement rings and wedding bands but I was pleasantly surprised by their custom pieces that can be worn as everyday pieces. Jewelry has been something I have started to wear even more as I've developed my style and finishing an outfit with a simple necklace or ring really just ties the entire look together. Also, I love how these two pieces go together so well without feeling too matchy matchy.
Now a little more about MiaDonna. They're a Portland based jewelry company and they provide ethical and affordable diamonds. Rather than mining the diamonds, which causes a number of problems including fund wars, damage economies, ecosystems and contribute to humanitarian abuses, MiaDonna creates their diamonds, gems, and recycled precious metals themselves. This process creates a more "green" diamond that is just as beautiful and not damaging to the earth. WIN + WIN! I'm so proud to be able to partner with companies with such great ethics at their core and strive to make the fashion industry a better place. Plus I always have a soft spot for a local company as well! 

Whether you're in the market for an engagement ring or just a great piece of custom jewelry, I can't recommend MiaDonna enough! If you're looking for a piece like I'm wearing here, be sure to check out their custom jewelry section here!

This post was in collaboration with MiaDonna but all opinions are my own.


What I'm Wearing: Ring: MiaDonna Diamond Signet Ring, Necklace: MiaDonna Gold Starbust Disc, Blazer: Vintage, Tee; Jacquemus, Jeans: Vintage Levi's, Bag: Staud, Shoes: Mari Giudicelli 


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

How to Wear White After Labor Day

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Ok, this is probably going to be one of those "click bait" titles..."How to wear white after Labor Day:"
I think the no white after Labor Day rule is one of those really lame old rules that really no longer exists. Along with the "no wearing black and navy together" as well as "no black and brown together". Both of which are a couple of my favorite color combinations.
Style is really up to the individual. There is no right or wrong way to style something or wear something...and I think that's what I've always loved about style all along.

So yes, I will be proudly rocking white pieces this fall and winter. One of which is this beautiful white, lace detailed dress from Les Coyotes Des Paris. This dress was perfect this summer in Joshua Tree and will be just as great this Fall in Portland. I think pairing this dress with the boots this summer in Joshua Tree was a bad idea

Anyways, here are a few white and ivory pieces I will be wearing this fall in winter in case you're in need of some shopping and style inspo!
1. White Denim (I love wide leg pants in particular!)

What I'm Wearing: Dress: c/o Les Coyotes de Paris, Boots: Vintage via Etsy
Photos by Dawn Photo in Joshua Tree National Park


Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Leopard Skirt

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Be honest.
Are you sick of seeing this skirt yet? lol
I know so many other girls have it but I couldn't help but get it for myself! There were so many cute outfits all over featuring this skirt that it inspired me to try it out myself. I love it paired simple with a white tee, but I wanted to make it a little more interesting which is why I paired it with my funky Nike Air Max 97s! The gold on gold is so cool together, an edgy/street style twist on the monochromatic trend I love.
I've been wearing these sneakers with SO many things lately too! I put some insoles in them to make them extra comfortable and I love how many different outfits they go with. Since they were gold, I was a little hesitant but I was surprised how often I wear them and how easy they are to match.

Alright, now back to the skirt. I've gotten so many questions about how Realisation Par pieces run, sizing wise, so I am hear to spill the tea with you all! Typically, I wear a size 27/28 or 6 in bottoms/dresses and I got a medium in this skirt. The one main downside to this skirt is that it doesn't come with a zipper so it's a bit of a pain to get on and off. I also purchased this dress here and got a medium as well. I think the pieces run a tad on the smaller size, just going off of the two pieces that I ordered. I'm curious of what your experience is with their sizing if you have ordered from them!
The pieces are both BEAUTIFUL and they came in a cute tote bag as well! I was a little bummed that for the price, neither of the pieces come with a slip and the fabric is pretty thin. Overall though, I am loving my first purchase from Realisation Par and I am always adding new things from their site to my wishlist!



What I'm Wearing: Skirt: Realisation Par, Tee: Vintage via Rawson Chicago, Necklace: Rectangle one is from Wolf Circus, Small Circle is from MiaDonna, Bag: Clare V., Shoes: Nike Air Max 97 


Monday, August 27, 2018

On the Beach in Fauxgerty

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There's nothing like a morning on the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Coast has a lot of moody, overcast days which makes it perfect maxi dress weather. This wrap, maxi from Fauxgerty was ideal for a gloomy day at the coast. The material is a bit heavy so it makes it great for transitioning to the cooler days we have ahead. I am so excited to introduce St. Louis brand, Fauxgerty to you all! Just a little bit behind the brand, they use all deadstock materials that are sourced in LA. If you're unfamiliar with deadstock materials, they're materials or textiles that are no longer useful to other companies. So using deadstock fabrics is way better for the environment rather than making new fabrics. 
This dress in particular, was made in their "Green Factory" in St. Louis and took around 3 1/2 hours to sew. Plus their factory workers are paid 36% more than the industry average and they're women-owned and operated. This is definitely a great brand to stand behind and support!
Also, if you're in the Portland area on the 22nd of September, make sure to stop by the new Prince Coffee location on Fremont for the Fauxgerty Pop up! I will be there along with some really inspiring local creatives and I hope to see you there! Plus, there will be snacks and coffee!! ;)

If you can't make it, here is a discount code to shop at Fauxgerty! They have an online shop so be sure to use code "moptop" to get 15% off your order!
Let me know what your favorite item on the site is!


What I'm Wearing: Dress: Marianne dress via Fauxgerty, Bag: Clare V., Sandals: St. Agni, Necklace: Wolf Circus



Monday, August 20, 2018

The Pink Pant Set

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It's so crazy to think that when I was younger, I hated pink. I was a really big tomboy and wearing pink just made me feel way too girly. Flash forward quite a few years and now I can't get enough of the color! I love pink pieces that are in a more masculine style as combining masculine and feminine pieces together is one of my favorites. This set instantly caught my eye! Unfortunately, the size I wanted in the jacket was sold out, so it's a little oversized but I couldn't get the pants without the matching coat.
Matching sets are starting to make a comeback and I am all about it. The feminine pant suit is such a powerful feeling when you wear it and I am currently on the hunt for one for fall.
This set is from Nice Things Palomas, a brand I recently mentioned and I am still drooling over their site. They just dropped their fall collection and I can't get enough of the checkered and gingham pieces.

I know I mentioned this on my instagram. But can you believe that September is less than two weeks away?! Summer flew by so fast and I am already dreaming of fall outfits. Here are a few pieces on my radar from Shopbop, one of my go to places for online shopping!
1. Plaid!

What I am Wearing: Coat: Nice Things Palomas, Trousers: Nice Things Palomas, Tee: Journe via Shopbop

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