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Most of the time you can catch me wearing something very tomboy or casual, mostly because that's who I was and what I wore growing up. I've had rough times in the past dealing with rude comments from others and even a stranger, when I was in the 5th grade, asked if I was a boy or a girl. That day has stuck with me forever. Why is it that there are those people assume that girls should be dressed in heels and a dress, curled hair, perfect makeup just to be the stereotypical/ideal "girl". Well I think it's bullshit. And I am happy to know that today I can say I feel just as beautiful in a menswear blazer, jeans, and tee as much as I do in this sheer, lace maxi.

What I'm Wearing: Hat: Urban Outfitters, Dress: Free People (Similar), Clogs: Free People

With a Little Help From my Friends

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One of the greatest gifts is having friends that have great style too. It can be so fun talking about new trends that were into or not into, inspiring each other, and best of all...borrowing clothes! I knew the moment I saw these shorts that I wanted to borrow them from my friend Sam. They're the ideal piece to transition from Summer into Fall, especially since it's been super hot still here in Portland. 
Also, I have finally found my dream chelsea boot! I used to wear them so much a couple years ago (I don't know if you guys remember), but I wore them until they were basically destroyed! I hope to do the same with these...and they remind me of The Beatles! What's not to love? ;)

What I'm Wearing: Top: c/o Missguided, Shorts: Rag & Bone, Boots: ASOS


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I always have that go-to outfit, even though it constantly changes, I feel like I always have one. Lately it's been anything with my Madewell jeans and hat. And since I got these Jeffrey Campbells, I seriously can't take them off. I could definitely see this being my go-to outfit for awhile, and changing it up with a different shirt and/or hat. I just love how simple it is and how confident it makes me feel....and isn't that what all outfits should feel like?

What I'm Wearing: Hat: Urban Outfitters, Blouse: c/o Chicwish, Denim: c/o Madwell, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


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