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Something that really inspires me is exploring my city, Portland. It's such a cool city to walk around and see where the street will take you. I've seen this wall a couple of times and have been dying to take photos in front of it and I finally did! I thought it would be the perfect against this edgy, black body suit. I've been wearing so much black lately! Which is definitely a bit of a change since I used to wear so much color. But I love the simplicity of a black outfit and the ability to mix and match with my ivory, white, and navy pieces so well. Even if you don't wear color all the time, you can always surround yourself with it!

What I'm Wearing: Sunglasses: Triple Graces, Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Free People

A girl can dream..


So you're going to NYFW for the first time EVER. What do you wear?!?
That's definitely the first thing that comes to my mind when dreaming about going to NYFW.
Nothing would be a more ideal accessory than a classic Chanel bag. Am I right? It's simple and it's timeless. Which makes it the perfect piece for me to build my dream fashion week look from. But if you're a student like me, having this dream outfit is almost nearly impossible. Luckily, Union & Fifth is there to make even more fashion lovers' dreams a reality! Union & Fifth is a non profit that sells used designer pieces and gives 100% of the proceeds to charity. Not only do you have the chance to own a piece of clothes of your dreams (like the drool worthy Chanel bag) but you are also doing it for such a great cause. And that's really the way it should be.
Hope to see you guys at NYFW! (fingers crossed)

Make sure and check out the great things happening at Union & Fifth, and help send me to NYFW for the first time by liking their page!!

The Moptop x New Balance (Part Two)

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My second look featuring my 574 New Balance design collaboration! What do you guys think of the Moptop 574s? I used to be so against the whole tennis shoe trend. I thought it wasn't for me until I actually tried it! Now I have about 4 pairs of tennis shoes that are great for my long days of work and school and they are so comfortable (while remaining stylish too!). 
These colder months have me wearing so much black, white, grey and tans so it's nice to have a shoe that adds some color!

What I'm Wearing: Beanie: Urban Outfitters, Coat: Kate Spade Saturday, Tank: Free People, Jeans: Madewell, Shoes: New Balance x The Moptop 574s


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